Wednesday, 5 March 2014

25 Questions

If you haven't been reading my other blog or you don't know me, you probably won't know much about me! So here's a list of questions I got of tumblr, incredibly basic but I just realized it doesn't have "whats your favorite animal in there" so it's missing some very basic things, but ah well!

1. What’s your favorite color?
Orange or black, I also love lime
2. How tall are you?
5.11 possibly taller
3. Tell me a happy memory
I went to the NZ 1D concert 2013 and we got amazing seats, liam held my hand, I touched Louis hand, zany pulled a face at us, liam pointed and waved and harry and I, when the lights were up and the boys were all talking apart from him caught eyes and smiled for like a minute
4. Tell me a sad memory
It’s easier to remember happy memories then sad, but when I found out my friend was in hospital with anorexia
5. Have you ever skydived?
6. Have you ever done drugs?
7. Name your 5 favorite books
ahhhh I love so many!
The Intern
13 Reasons Why
The Look
Geek Girl
8. Name your 5 favorite movies
Love actually, Titianic, Clueless, Confessions of a shopaholic, devil wears prada oooo but then there's the proposal and the holiday and then there is pirates of the Caribbean ahhh
9. Do you have any disorders?
Anxiety 10. Do you have any pets?
2 cats
11. Tell me about your relationship
I have a very good relationship with food
12. Tell me about your best friend
She’s absolutely gorgeous, very funny and smart, she has the prettiest eyes and we’ve been through tons, we call each other chicka
13. What are you doing this summer?
Summer has just been for me!14. What are you listening to?
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
15. Name your 5 dream locations
New York, London, Paris, Portofino, Santorini. the last to were to visit, not live
16. Name your 5 favorite games
I don’t really know
17. What’s your favorite subject?
English, although I enjoy dance as well
18. Tell me something about yourself
I can’t walk silently because my feet crack – thanks dance
19. Tell me about the last kiss you’ve had. 
Haven’t had one, oh apart from a parent kissing your cheek goodbye
20. Have you ever been in the hospital?
When I was born, to have a foot operation and then to visit people
21. Have you ever saved someone?
Depends what you mean? But sort of I guess
22. Name 5 dream jobs
Journalist, Journalist, Journalist, Journalist, anything fashion related
23. Name 5 good foods to eat
Do you mean good as in healthy? I'll go with that, Apples, grapes, bananas, chia seeds, oranges
24. What’s your sign?
25. Other?
my middle name is rose

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