Friday, 7 March 2014

Winter Essentials // Fashion

Winter is fast approaching, which I'm excited about because it's my favorite season, so I think it's good to know what you need to have for winter! I've put together my winter essentials, here in Auckland, winter isn't that cold, we don't get snow or massive storms or anything so if you're wondering why I haven't gone overboard with snow gear, that's why!

1. Black coat - this might not be so essential in places like Auckland but never the less, they are handy, they are great for throwing over the top of a dress when going out, or even on top of jeans. They are clever in the way they can make an outfit look casual or highly sophisticated depending on what you pair it with. Good places to buy them from are: Country Road, Asos, Urban Outfitters or Glassons
2. Skinny jeans - skinny jeans are honestly and all year round essential, but definitely in winter. I own about 3 pairs of black skinny jeans, because they go with pretty much everything and keep you warm. Pair jeans with any top and jacket, coat, sweater with a pair of boots or chucks, great for winter! You can get them from almost anywhere but I usually buy mine from country road
3. Cardigan - cardigans are great, a black cardigan looks great over a pair of jeans, a skirt or even a dress, it's nice to wear in times like autumn or on those days where it's chilly but not freezing
4. Blazer - a black blazer is another all year round essential, but they do come in handy in winter! It can dress up a pair of jeans or any outfit, it's a nice change to a normal black zip up
5. Cozy jumper - everyone needs a cozy jumper in winter, or any time of the year, for those lazy days at home or just for when it's cold, they're also great for layering, with jeans, boots and a coat on top. Make sure you buy one that suits you and your figure
6. Black bag - essential all year round but i though i'd stick it in here
7. Warm socks - similar to a cozy jumper, everyone needs warm socks, knee socks also. Socks look great with boots in winter, socks and boots with a skirt and jumper are one of my favorite looks. And when worn right, knee socks can look fab
8. Simple long sleeve tees - this is a very essential winter essential, winter is all about layering and your long sleeve tees are your layering base. Good fitting top with a cardigan or jacket over the top will keep you warm but you won't over heat and if it's cold, throw on a coat
9. Black tights - opaque or wollen tights in winter are great, I always like wearing a pair of tights with a skirt or a dress, they also look great with a pair of tailored shorts! They keep your legs nice and warm and can really improve an outfit
10. Black boots - you need these all year round, especially in winter. Black boots, high or not go great with socks or tights and can really dress up an outfit, it's a nice change to black chucks as well!
11. Black skirt - another all year essential, but again great for winter, in winter wear a skirt with tights and pair it with your black boots!
12. Beanie - who doesn't want a beanie? I don't really have a reason for this one but I feel as though it's highly necessary and keeps your head warm and helps prevent colds!

I feel as though I repeated myself way too many times! But black tights and socks are very basic needs in winter. And yes I did post this on my other blog which is in the link at the top, but I though it'd be necessary for both!

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  1. lovely wish list! i love winter and getting so snuggly in big jumpers haha! i'd love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx